What is customer experience (CX)

What is customer experience (CX)

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What is Customer Experience

Intico unifies its channels to provide a better user experience to our clients and therefore the clients of our clients have a better service, experiencing.

Customer Experience, also known as CX, is the set of factors and elements related to the user’s interaction with a specific environment or device, resulting in a positive or negative perception of said service, product or device.

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What is Customer Experience (CX)?

It is the process that the user carries out when interacting with a product. This concept has its origin in the field of online Marketing, being closely linked to the concept of Brand Experience (intent to establish a familiar and consistent relationship between consumer and brand).”

We must differentiate between the concept of user experience and usability, since many people think that it is the same, but it is not.

Usability: It is the ease with which anyone can use a given human-made tool in order to achieve a particular goal. For example: Being able to enter the Amazon shopping portal and successfully place an order at home.
Experience: everything related to the interaction by users in front of a digital device, or digital environment, taking these a positive or negative perception or experience in front of a certain product or service.

When we create a website we are faced with the following situations:

1. The product is usable but does not generate a great user experience.
2. The product is usable and also generates a great user experience.
3. The product is not usable, but it generates a great user experience: This does not make sense that it is the order of the day and that it would indicate that something is being done wrong.

It is clear that we must all aim for our product to be usable and also generate a positive user experience for all customers.

What is the CX for?

It serves to offer a broad perspective on the use and consumption of interactive products on websites, mobile applications, touch screens, etc.

Taking into account the user experience, companies can ensure that users go through a much more enriching and comfortable interaction process, which in turn leads to an improvement in brand image.

CX Objetives

The main objective of the user experience is to generate and evaluate the operation and interaction processes in digital products and platforms, thus being able to verify the good or bad effect that is occurring in the user processes.

Also the user experience is the technique by which adequate interfaces are produced between the human being and automated systems, with the objectives of:

• Improve your efficiency
• Decrease the learning curve
• Eliminate barriers at the human-machine border

In the user experience is the interaction design that aims to present useful, satisfactory and usable experiences to the users of the artifacts, it is necessary to know the actions through which it fulfills its performance and the elements involved during its development. It has as objectives:

• Identification of needs and establishment of requirements
• Sketch development
• Construction of prototypes
• Evaluation of the results

Designs in the user experience

There are different methodologies for developing user experiences:

1- Human Centered Design

This methodology finds solutions to design and administration problems taking into account the point of view of the human being. Typically, human-centered design looks at the problem in its context, using the human perspective to guide the design process. This includes brainstorming, conceptualizing, developing, and implementing the solution. It starts with the analysis of user needs. Once they are identified, various solutions are developed to satisfy them. After the development process, the implementation of one of the solutions is done. Human-centered design is an iterative process

2- User-centered design

It is very similar to Human Centered Design, and shares many of the basic principles. It is an empathic methodology that takes into account the user and their needs when developing a solution.

3- Experience-focused design

This methodology solves an experience through a keyword that defines it instead of focusing on the user’s needs. It is used in the design of games and amusement parks where the priority is the experience. The entire design process and the decisions that are made in it are linked to that keyword. Companies like Disney and Nintendo use this methodology to develop their parks and games.

Factors to consider to have a good user experience

We must always consider the following factors within the experience that our potential consumers will have, whether on a website, game, application, digital device, etc:

• Visual design
• Charging time
• The time you spend on the site
• Your satisfaction (or not) with what you expected to find
• The usability of the site
• Positive or negative feelings that influence their behavior

It is important to consider all these factors to ensure success in our websites or interactive business model. For this reason, we must always optimize these criteria. Many studies on user experience confirm the importance of this digital tool to obtain better results.

The more you focus on making the experience of your users rewarding, the better your position in Google will be, the more people will visit your website and you will get the desired traffic.

Conclusions about CX

We can conclude that CX is:

• It is the result of an interactive phenomenon in which a multitude of factors intervene: individual, social, cultural, contextual and specific to the product.
• It will be conditioned by expectations and previous experiences of the user.
• It offers a broader perspective on the use and consumption of interactive products, and therefore more in line with reality.
• It is concerned with little considered factors such as the emotional behavior of the user and the importance of design and aesthetics in this behavior.
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