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Speech Analytics with IVR

Artificial intelligence available for your business

Enhanced customer service experience

Reduce overall customer waiting times by optimizing the average managing time. Customers will be happier with your services and the retention rate will increase. Our software provides key information to optimize your customer service experience. These include interruption rates ( moments when customers and agents are talking simultaneously) and periods of silence. These metrics provide information about customer dissatisfaction moments.

Objective evaluation of agent performance

With our tool, you can easily create custom dashboards for agents to verify their performance. These score cards measure absenteeism, policy compliance, average driving time, overall service quality among others. Your company can consolidate all performance reports for a simple analysis.

Increased call center efficiency

This system allows you to automate customer call evaluations, saving valuable time, energy and resources, improving productivity and efficiency. With key information in relation with call center metrics, it could improve the average management time and resolution rates of the first call while reducing operating costs. In addition to greater efficiency, this software can also help you discover inadvertent training opportunities to further improve your equipment.


Analyze calls is a simple and affordable option to have a system that improves your day-to-day communications. We offer a robust solution in the cloud, easy to implement and flexible subscription.

Master automation of robotic processes

Get to know tomorrow's workforce with the digital robot´s multiplier.

Perfect customer experience

To satisfy the current customer demand for a superior service experience, you must engage in more intelligent digital conversations. We help you get it.

Get information for each call

First call resolution

Reduce talk times handling calls solving customer problems the first time.

Interaction Efficiency

Increase the motivation of a sales representative with a performance indicator using voice analysis.

Feelings Analysis

Get information about the feeling and emotion of the caller to create a better customer experience.

Customer Travel Trace

Connect a customer´s online and offline activity for a true omnicanal experience.

Upgrade to a Smart IVR

Conversational IVR powered by artificial intelligence for true customer engagement.
Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Sprach’s conversational IVR allows callers to naturally converse to get the exact service they want, without having to navigate long and complicated audio menus.

Learn how Sprach's AI-powered conversational IVR can help you reduce agent calls, improve call routing, and increase customer satisfaction:
Call center and reporting control
Agent Performance Analysis and Training
Customer satisfaction and quality of service analysis
Automation of quality monitoring processes
Crisis management
Competition, market and campaign feedback analysis
Identifying cross-selling opportunities
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Sprach Speech Analytics conforms to the following
Business Areas:

Transcribe 100% of the recordings of your Business or call center.
Extract the key words from your recordings and measure



Appointment Reminders




of keywords

Evaluate keywords defined in the responses evaluating also the customers’ feelings.

Improve your

Determine the quality of the message delivered by your executives and detect the abandonment of calls by generating representative samples of the reality of your contact center.


Transform your business with our Speech and Text Analytics system with IVR

Analyzing calls is a simple and affordable option for a system that improves your day-to-day communications.
We offer a robust cloud solution, easy-to-deploy and with a flexible subscription.