Experience the future of retail customer service

Prioritize CX and fulfill every customer demand.

Deliver seamless experiences for your customers across channels and devices. With IntiCo, retailers can:


Buyer signals

Interpret buyer signals and deliver the right products at the right time.

Data AI

Combine data and applied intelligence to meet customer needs.


Bring your business online, deploy anywhere, and expand when necessary.

How IntiCo can help you?

Create customer engagement and avoid customer disengagement.
Customer Experience Technology
Create power connections and enhance customer and business value.
Customer Experience Advisory Services
Deliver business value through improved customer experiences.
Managed CX Services
Create exceptional customer experiences through contact center evolvement, by capturing the advantages of cutting-edge technology.
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Deliver orchestrated experiences

eCommerce and AI combine to deliver highly personalized products, services and promotions—tailoring the storefront experience to customers.

Increase order values with intelligence-based cross-sell and upsell recommendations based on customer browsing behavior.


Reimagine the customer experience

Help your agents, admins and internal teams do their best work. IntiCo offers robust out-of-the-box tools that are quick to set up and easy to use.

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Customer Journey

Reimagine the customer experience

A synchronized, personalized and convenient client experience.

Full Omnichannel capability

With AI-powered bots that provide convenient conversations on any channel, at scale.

Bot or Human Agent

Client 360º

An Omnichannel Approach

Service agents can address issues with the help of complete customer visibility, including purchases, service history, and storefront experiences.

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AI Technology to improve Customer Experience

Solutions implemented on top of your current infrastructure.

Through all available channels that you choose (SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.)
Increase customer satisfaction, lifetime value, and net promoter score.
Reduce time to resolution, abandon call rate, and after-call work.
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Improve every interaction with your customers

We help you provide an excellent and personalized experience to your clients.

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