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Operational Intelligence
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We design protocols and apply procedures to pilot and validate technological innovations based on international standards, accelerating technological developments and undertakings for the mining industry.

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Optimization of Processes

We are a company that applies technology and business systems to have an operation Profitable Safe Efficient mining.
IntiCo Mining

Operational Intelligence

The implementation of technologies with Operational Intelligence facilitate the horizontal integration of the mining process to reduce variability and increase prediction and stability, improving business decision making.

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Automation, efficiency and productivity is everything

Our mission is to offer reliable and adequate technological solutions, improving the experience of all our clients.
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Impact on the performance of your operation

A better measure of productivity performance in mining.





Cost savings contracts for control and monitoring of resources manpower





Machinery and Equipments

Technology and Innovation

Our Services

Production control systems, Security and Reports
Sale of Production, Safety and Reporting control systems, where IntiCo Corp performs the monitoring, control, reports and reports, adding value to the traditional sale of software (360 customer view).
Piloting protocols
Pilot sales of technological solutions for easy and rapid development/implementation or the possible adaptation of existing solutions in other markets to mining.
Solution Development
Sale of solution development service according to customer requirements (LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH complexity).
Innovation and Technology

Mining Market

There are 5 trends in the mining industry that the companies involved must adopt to stay current in the market:
Digitization of Processes
The digitalization of mining companies is imminent, this helps to increase the efficiency and operations performance. The trend in the industrial sector worldwide is to try to make the processes more autonomous and gradually reduce the intervention of man.
Water management
Current environmental regulations mean that the need to control and monitor the use of water throughout the life cycle of mining deposits is greater every day. The reduction of the grades of the materials extracted from the pits increases the rigor of the use of water in mineral processes, therefore, water management requires a comprehensive approach for the entire company.
Maintenance and Equipment Management
Maintenance costs represent an important part of operating costs, in sometimes occupying up to half of the budget. Typically, more than 60% of the total mine workforce is focused on servicing or repairing complex machinery in the field. The mining industry requires monitoring of its assets to identify, diagnose and prioritize impending equipment problems, continuously and in real time. This allows companies reduce unscheduled downtime, prevent equipment failure, reduce maintenance costs, increase asset utilization, extend equipment life, and identify underperforming assets.
Digital Supply Chain
Today it is necessary for mining operations to have a digital supply chain to strengthen the entire operation. However, separately digitizing the chain of provision, without considering the entire system, can often mean missed savings opportunities. Optimize planning, reveal risks and deviations, increase efficiency and provide reliable information to responsible people in a timely manner.
Aumented reality
The connected world demands solutions that allow companies and workers to optimize time and effort, allowing engineers, operators and technicians to carry out a diagnosis instant and maintenance without danger. Typically, technicians and specialists must spend a lot of time searching for technical data in various software tools, databases, data, activity records or paper documents.

Get to know some of our Pilot Project developments


SaaS Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) for Mining
CLM for Mining makes contract management better than ever. Group contracts, access instantly from anywhere, discover information and much more. Simplified CLM.
Allows you to easily collaborate in a workgroup on all activities and/or tasks in progress, allowing you to see the updates of the team’s activity in real-time, and allows you to obtain monitoring reports, traceability of all activities, compliance status and activities assigned to each person in charge.


Customize your tasks for any project.
Collaborate with your team by assigning tasks, actions, and related comments.
Divide large projects into sub-tasks and necessary information.
Time management.
Priority Management.
Control and Analytics with tools like Power BI.
Security of the information.
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SaaS Real-time Operations Control Platform
The platform provides contract administrators of mining companies with easy access to real-time information control of the resources committed to the activities related to supplier company contracts. It offers an online monitoring service for the daily supervision of tasks, notification of non-compliance situations, reporting of supplier management indicators, review of compliance and control of the resources committed in the supplier contract, monitoring of the promise of value of the supplier, costing control by activities or areas where 02 or more supplier companies interact, control of the position of resources in assigned work areas (Marking of Geozones).


Review compliance and control the resources committed in the supplier contract.
Follow-up to the supplier’s promise of value.
Real-time information, updated decision making.
Cost control by activities or areas where 2 or more suppliers interact.
Position control of resources in assigned work areas (Geozones).
Cost savings contracts for control and monitoring of resources - Workforce (4% – 10%) / Machinery & Equipment (3% – 7%)
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SaaS Mobile Equipment Sharing Platform
Through IntiCo Mining’s 24/7 telematics and connectivity solution, it monitors in real time and efficiently manages its equipment fleet remotely. Improving the rate of use of large-scale equipment, vehicles and/or machinery can, in the long term, reduce the consumption of resources, thus optimizing the entire fleet.
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SaaS Staff Access Control & Reporting for Mining
Our robust mining access control solution enhances site security and time and attendance tracking. Save time and money.

We are aligned with sustainable mining

At IntiCo Mining we connect people, artificial intelligence and productivity to achieve sustainable mining.
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At IntiCo Mining we transform your investment into solutions