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Introducing IntiConnect Fintech Solution

Customer-facing apps and interfaces

We design user experiences for value-focused digital solutions in payments and banking, creating user flow that engages customers with your product.

Distributed ledger technology

We apply Blockchain technology to improve security and transparency for loan management and payment processing systems.

Microservice arquitecture

We focus on the flexibility of software to make it responsive to changing demands and implement new features faster without extra effort.

Unlocking the Opportunities of Open Banking

At IntiCo FinTech solution, we focus on solving obsolete processes and provide business with a technological solution.

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High-tech Platforms

This high-tech platform offers a secure access to multiple solutions with just one connection
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Working Plan

Working Plan

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NDA and Kick off


Business Case Assessment


Mapping of Fintechs and Services required by the Bank


API Integration to Core Banking


Portal Personalization for developing


Testing (Sandbox)



The Traditional Way

Point to point connections where every solution requires new and separated integrations.

The IntiConnect Way

IntiConnect connects services, it does not store any information or Data.
It does not interfere in the commercial relationship between Financial Institutions and Fintechs.
It connects Core Banking Systems of Financial Institutions with Fintechs all over the world.
It accelerates innovation.
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