Inbound and outbound calls automation

Voice bots recognize speech, communicate like humans, and engage in rational dialogue. A single bot manages simultaneous calls to over 1000 customers.

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Let AI-powered voicebots pick up the phone

Robocalls and Conversational AI Voicebots are widely different.

Conversational voicebots
Communicate like real-life agents, consult customers, and deal with objections.
Natural language understanding
Automate interactions with natural language understanding (NLU).
Easy implementation
Enable customers to self-serve via their preferred voice and chat channels.

AI Inbound Calls

Voice bot solves the issue of abandoned calls in queues.


Time-saving and productivity growth


The bot handles most of the recurring inquiries.

AI Outbound Calls

The bot calls debtors, conducts surveys, or places orders. It works 24/7 and adjusts to local time zones.


Simultaneous dialed calls.


Average conversion per service order.

Virtual Video Bot keep the conversation flowing

Support omnichannel journeys with conversational voice bots.

Automated Conversational Journeys

Create automated paths with artificial intelligence that turn customer conversations into immediate solutions.
Understand every interaction
Evolve with every interaction
Train Customer Support Agents
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Live chat with artificial intelligence

AI Inbound & Outbound Calls Automation

IntiCo-powered voice bots recognize speech, communicate like humans, and engage in rational dialogue.

Examples of inbound call automation:

Bot as a personal assistant:

Makes an appointment.
Books tables, tickets, orders.
Cancels and rebooks reservations.
Transfers to the agent.

Smart IVR based on speech technology

Groups calls by topic and department (smart call routing).
Identifies the problem and finds answers in the knowledge base.
Asks clarifying questions.

Bot for receiving complaints and filing applications:

Identifies the issue.
Logs the data necessary for filling out the application.
Stores requests in CRM.
Sends email notification to managers.

Bot as a first line support:

Identifies a problem through the dialogue.
Handles common issues.
Transfers complicated tasks to the agent.

Examples of outbound call automation:

Effective debt collection calls:

Sounds realistic and amplified.
Deals with common objections.
Dials multiple times.

Reminders of all kinds

Informs customers about the order.
Adds variable data into the script.
Logs what the customer has decided.
Selects a new date and time of delivery upon request.

Presale script, telemarketing

Communicates like a real-life agent, engages in dialogue, asks questions.
Answers FAQs.
Processes objections.
Logs the result in CRM.

Feedback collection, NPS calculator

Runs a complex script with multiple answers.
Calls back to ask more questions if needed.
Saves the results in the database.

Upsale, promoting loyalty programs

Calls customers with personalized offers.
Warms up interest in the company's services.
Encourages purchases and orders.

Voice mailing, informing

Briefly informs.
Shares the code word for a discount.
Engages in simple dialogue and saves the response in CRM.

PBX Plus

Simplify your workflows with a phone system that will make your life easier.

Cloud PBX Communication
Get a local number (DID) in more than 250 cities, add a welcome voice message, and manage extensions to add flexibility to your account.
Works on Any Device
Answer and make calls on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also transfer calls to your team’s cell phones.
All-in-one solution
Deal with fewer vendors using our cloud platform for business communications.

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Online calling is a convenient and financially efficient service not only for your company but also for your customers.

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