Get a better and real time understanding of your customers' conversations

Improve and optimize conversations with your customers through Artificial Intelligence.

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Capture, analyze and understand. Sell more, cut costs and build loyalty.

Improve your customer service

Improve your customer service

Analyze the feelings of your customers with our artificial intelligence.
Reduce cost

Reduce cost

Make interactions with your users more efficient by knowing them better.
Automate conversations

Automate conversations

Automate calls with your clients, save time and resources to improve productivity and efficiency.

Improve contact center performance

With Sprach and the analysis of each conversation, you will have the necessary information to build customer loyalty and improve your products and services.
Improve customer satisfaction
Sprach measures the satisfaction in each call and teaches you keys to improve.
Control and alerts on your processes
You will reduce cases of attempted fraud and improve your compliance processes.
Identify the reason for each call
Automate call typing and exploit this valuable information.
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Speech and text analytics

Analyze 100% of the calls

Call recordings offer a wealth of invaluable insights: the level of customer satisfaction, likelihood of churn, agent performance, campaign effectiveness and more.

Efficient Interaction
Increase a sales rep’s motivation with a performance indicator using speech analytics.
First Call Resolution
Decrease talk times by handling calls and resolving customer issues the first time.
Customer Journey
Connect a customer’s online and offline activity for a true omnichannel experience.
Sentiment Analysis
Gain insight into caller sentiment and emotion to create a better customer experience.

Upgrade to a Smart IVR

By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Sprach’s IVR enables callers to converse naturally to get the exact service they want, without having to navigate long, complicated audio menus.
Discover how Sprach’s AI-powered conversational IVR can help you reduce agent calls, improve call routing and increase customer satisfaction.
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Speech and text analytics

Rich Insights into Operational Efficiency & Customer Sentiment

Artificial intelligence to improve interactions with your customers and grow your business.

Simultaneous Calls
Make from 50 to 400 simultaneous calls increasing productivity and saving costs.
Multiple Variables
Implement multiple variables in the flows, scripts in your campaigns to customize them according to the category in which your campaigns are targeted.
Keyword Evaluation
It evaluates the keywords defined in the responses and also evaluates customer sentiments.

Multiple Levels

Create multiple levels in the flow and implement multiple channels at once. E.g.: send an SMS, a WhatsApp, transfer a call in real time to a human agent.
Capable to recognize Natural Language (PNL) and to establish a human-like conversation with customers.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows decision making from customer’s response, utilizing advanced Emotional Detection Technology.
Machine Learning. It allows to learn and have a more efficient future communication with the customer.
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