Connect With Customers Through Omnichannel Telegram for Better CX

Integrate the Telegram channel to provide your customers with seamless conversation across channels.

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Meet expectations with Telegram customer service

Telegram enhances customer support delivery to engage customers in their preferred channel and create happy customer experiences.

Accelerate CX with one team inbox
Move away from multiple email inboxes. Handle support workload on a single platform.
Lead support teams to reach their full potential
Role-based permissions, intuitive dashboards, and real-time performance data.
Engage clients with multimedia chat
Enable customers to send pictures, videos, audio, or documents.

Building an Effective Telegram Strategy for Customer Support

Telegram Messaging Elevates Customer Support Offerings in the Digital Transformation Journey.


monthly active users worldwide choose Telegram as their daily messaging app.


the number of daily messages sent by Telegram users worldwide daily.


the average message opening rate on Telegram.

Help customers faster with modern support features

Ticketing system, bots, saved responses, file sharing, and unlimited chat history.

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Ways to use Telegram for your business

Notify your customers about your new offers, confirm transactions (order confirmation, ticket information, purchase receipts), send alerts and appointment reminders.

Best Practices for Telegram Customer Support Delivery

An effective Telegram text messaging strategy encompasses certain best practices:
Establish Clear Goals
Categorize Incoming Messages
Train Customer Support Agents
Promote Customer Support Telegram Offerings
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