Speech Analytics

AI Enabled Omnichannel Speech and Text Analytics

Effortlessly monitor 100% of your team’s calls and provide instant feedback that genuinely improves performance in any language with IntiCo AI speech analytics.

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Omnichannel insight
Speech and text analytics technology that provides advanced data processing and multidimensional analyses across channels provides the most valuable insights.
Analyze calls in every language your team works with
With our unique deep learning AI, we are bringing advanced speech analytics solutions to the 7000+ languages of the world, from Swedish to Swahili.
Review 100% of your calls for a 360° view
With every single call monitored and analyzed, IntiCo AI enables you to accurately evaluate each agent and flag problems in performance.

Engage with customers
whenever and wherever they want.

Get every agent performing like your best one with speech and text analytics analysis

AI-driven speech analysis can solve this problem without you having to spend hours listening to calls and giving feedback to underperforming agents.

Sentiment analysis

You will get the estimations of the general temperature and sentiment of the call. For example: agreeing, disagreeing, confusion, surprise, etc.

Boundless Reporting

Filter your calls by the team, agents, and specific metrics, and execute the analysis based on any other criteria important for your business.

Experience the Best in Speech and Text Analytics

An interaction analytics solution like IntiCo’s customizable proprietary speech analytics provides insight throughout the customer journey to see the complete picture and inform best practices and improvements.
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Give agents a framework for empathetic listening

Agents can be prompted to use the most effective measures to rescue the call and deliver a meaningful and positive customer experience.

Some key features of speech and text analytics in a digital ecosystem include the following:

Phrase recognition.
Conversational intelligence.
Complete voice transcription.
Consolidate voice and text analytics across channels.

Using AI to Gain a Competitive Edge for your Customer Experience (CX).

Gain a competitive edge by using AI-driven technology processes to enhance customer experience and business growth.